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Demystifying the Apellate Process


“We were involved in a David vs. Goliath case where Peter Pierce represented us. Tenacious, thorough, honest and loyal, this is the guy you need—a MacGyver lawyer.”

—  Denni Barrett
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T. Peter Pierce

Attorney, Partner at Richards, Watson and Gershon


Peter Pierce demystifies the appeals process. Certified as a Specialist in Appellate Law, Peter excels in evaluating a case to predict its chances of success on appeal.

His focus is on the long game. Peter is often hired at the earliest stages of a case to help avoid any missteps that might hinder chances on appeal. A creative advocate, he analyzes a case from every angle to help litigators position the case most effectively.

Peter's reputation for credibility with the courts is excellent. He presents the full picture, does not oversell the case, and lays a strong foundation for the appellate court to view his client in the most favorable light possible.

Peter represents private and public sector clients across a broad range of topics. Private sector cases include business disputes, intellectual property, labor and employment, real estate disputes, and matters involving high net worth individuals, among others. Public sector cases involve land use and zoning, constitutional law, fair housing law, elections law, environmental law, and other areas.


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April 03, 2018

Peter Pierce is interviewed by Lawyer Monthly on preparing  his clients for the Court of Appeal and how he demystifies this often confusing process.

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What to Expect in Appellate Courts

As published in Lawyer Monthly

April 3, 2018  | by T. Peter Pierce